Hi everyone, 

Here’s a video I found about this week’s topic: space.


It’s one small step for toys, and one giant leap for toy-kind!

If you were watching the launch of the Space X Demo-2 mission closely, you might have spotted something a little unusual floating with the astronauts…

That’s right it’s a toy dinosaur!

Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley both have kids who are big dinosaur fans, so the two astro-dads picked Tremor, a sparkly Apatosaurus, to take on their mission with them.

“That was a super cool thing for us to get a chance to do for both of our sons who I hope are super excited to see their toys floating around with us on board,” Bob said during an tour of the capsule in orbit.

Rock painting

If you have some paints and you are going out for walks with your families, why not pick up a rock and paint it? I’ve seen children and adults painting rocks and putting them back outside for people to look at on their walks!

Harry Potter

Some exciting Harry Potter content:
JK Rowling has created this website as a way to entertain children through all of this. There are word searches and quizzes etc.
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone has also been made available on Audible for free.
It’s sad we didn’t get to finish Harry Potter together as a class, but you can all access it following the link and we can discuss our opinions on the blog!
Can you write a book review once you’ve finished? Post it in the comments.

Google Classroom

Happy Wednesday!

5GD, you’ve been sent a link to your gmail to join our class on google classroom.

Here, I have sent you a little quiz to complete to see how well you all access Google Classroom! This could be a really useful tool for us in the future.

Login to your school emails and i’ll see you there!